Integration Services

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Web Services

There is so much content available on the Internet these days it is truly mind-blowing. Much of that content is made easily accessible via Web Services. A web service is basically a means of exposing content to a consumer so that the consumer can incorporate into their own applications, website or load it into a database. Our developers can help with both sides of web services both on the provision side and on the consumption side. Data is very much a commodity…

Social Media Marketing

Our social media specialists can help enhance your social media presence, extending the reach of your posts, and raising brand awareness.

Project Management

Project Management skills revolve around an understanding of the goal, a clear sense of how all the people and tasks are integrated, and being able to communicate clearly and effectively. “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.” ~ Denis Waitley Within a project that has many elements, it is almost inevitable that some parts of the process will need adapting or removing. Constraints like personnel, budget, timelines, or a change in the original specifications require assessing and…

Premium Consulting

Our team of professionals are available to work with you and to take some of the pain out of complex projects.

Mobile Apps

Today’s reliance on mobile apps and immediate answers mean in the real world that if you miss the chance to reach out on mobile devices, the potential client looking for you will move on to a competitor who has a call to action that is easy to follow.

Software Development

Our highly skilled developers are on hand to assist you with your development projects. Whether you need assistance with a small part of your project or you need a team of developers that can bring your complete project from the drawing board into existence, we are there to help.

Database Architecture and Design

Is the art of database architecture and design dead? Does the modern world just provide a place you can dump your data and somehow magically analyze it? Whilst it is true that there are now many more ways of accessing content than storing it in a relational database, there is still no substitute for a thoughtful and diligent design process. Whether you are building a simple relational database or need help with an Amazon or Google hosted Big Data solution,…

Database Centric Solutions

At the heart of practically all businesses is data. Whether you run a restaurant and operate a booking system; you run a retail store and track purchases, inventory and sales; whether you run a small accounting firm; whether you’re a project management consultant, somewhere within your business is data. We build and host web applications that provide the database management framework to run your business. Presently all of our applications are bespoke solutions built for each customer, however, we are presently…