Web Services

There is so much content available on the Internet these days it is truly mind-blowing. Much of that content is made easily accessible via Web Services. A web service is basically a means of exposing content to a consumer so that the consumer can incorporate into their own applications, website or load it into a database.

Our developers can help with both sides of web services both on the provision side and on the consumption side.

Data is very much a commodity these days and if you have some data that you could sell, but do not presently have a distribution channel, we can help you set that up. It could be as simple as a small business exposing database content via an easily consumable API, to an enterprise-class organization with a server farm and a terabyte NoSQL database behind it.

If you have purchased, or have access to a few web service, and need help understanding how to make the data available to your website, give us a call and we’ll get you going in right direction.

We are working on a ‘sample code’ page that will contain some examples of what you can do, so check back regularly.