Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an important part of any business marketing and the signs are that its use and effectiveness will continue to evolve and play an ever-increasing role over time. More than merely a selling tool, the posts generated help to bolster brand awareness and lend a credibility to the business profile.

When day-to-day running of your core business already takes up enough hours of each day, Social Media may seem like an unnecessary burden in terms of time and effort. The reality is that posting to Social Media platforms can:

  • reach new potential clients
  • reinforce relationships with existing clients
  • reinforce your brand awareness
  • replace (or reinforce) existing promotional efforts
  • start a conversation with a customer or a colleague
  • make your business appear more professional
  • build a gallery of images or text that clients can scroll through to learn more about you

The good news is that having a Social Media presence does not necessarily mean posting once a day or even once a week. It is more important to share a post when there is something valuable to share rather than creating dull and uninteresting posts just for the sake of hitting a target. That’s where we come in. With flexible scheduling options, a tailored program can be set up for your business. Anywhere from posts every 2 weeks, to twice a day.

We’re here to help advise which platforms will work best for your business. A campaign for a company which has lots of beautiful images, like a florist, would look very different to a business where the impact and attention-getter have to be text.  That’s the way this service should work, no ‘one size fits all’ solutions because every business has different services or products to offer and target demographics.

We can do as much or as little as you like. We can provide consultancy, account set-up, posting, monitoring comments/interactions, and reports. It all begins with getting to know more about your business, your online ‘voice’ and your vision for the future.

If you’re baffled by hashtags or just have Social Media on your to-do list, we can help. As well as keeping up to date with the latest trends and best practices, our experience is in the real world, helping clients leverage Social Media to enhance their reputation and results. We won’t bore you with jargon, we’ll listen and then come up with a plan. Social Media with a common sense approach.

Social Media Certification

Every business is unique and the following list of charges is a guideline:

Setup social media accounts if they don’t exist: $100 per account

Start-up research and competitor analysis: $200-$400

1 post/ week  – up to 4 platforms (Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram / Twitter): $200 per month

2 posts/ week  – up to 4 platforms (Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram / Twitter): $380 per month

4 posts/ week  – up to 4 platforms (Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram / Twitter): $720 per month

Reporting: $75 per month

The price will depend on the availability of images to use and if text is provided vs being created.