Social Media Marketing

Social Media Images

Social media images are generally mediocre, there can only be a few ‘standout’ shots and the rest are at best second tier. That’s why it’s important to make sure your best images are profile images or used more than one. An image can be enhanced by clever use of dialogue as it is presented – the same picture can take on a different perspective when the accompanying text is changed. Also remember that a great photo can fall into many categories, depending on what you are marketing, a comedic image may be a total contrast and surprise for your audience, or playing with filters and the light balance on your image can create a unique picture which is valued on its aesthetic beauty alone and not necessarily the reality of the moment. Social media is a shopfront to show who you are, what you value, and what you can do. Experiment with images, have fun, and then check the data analysis and find out which approach resonates best with your target demographic. Remember, posts don’t have to┬ábe twice a day, post when you have something to share.